All our products are made with the fruits and the vegetables picked in the area between Camogli and Sestri Levante. Since we have a wide range of flavours, it will be our pleasure to prepare in your favour a complete tasting including all our creations, from the white or red wine to our marmelades, the sauces, the olives in extra-virgin olive oil with aromatic herbs, the precious extra-virgin olive oil, our Lemonade, our Mandarinata (tandarine) and the Festivo Portofino. We have the chance of having our Sommelier join our tastings, and with his ability he will prepare lovely drinks according to your preference. Thanks to the precious co-operation with the wine production Company of Fontanafredda (www.fontanafredda.it) it is moreover possible to taste wines created by their wisdom, from the Spumante to precious Italian wines.

Our Sommelier will be pleased to answer your queries on the products or simply to prepare your favorite cocktail while you enjoy a time of relax in an enchanting location.