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Niasca Portofino&EatTiamo

Niasca Portofino brings the flavors of the authentic Pesto Sauce and the fragrance of italian Lemon to the table of hundreds of American families, thanks to EatTiamo

Launched in 2016, EatTiamo ( ) aims to promote the Italian food culture beyond the stereotypes of “pasta and pizza”, bringing to the table of American families undiscovered top-quality Italian products.

EatTiamo boxes features the very best of the Italian delicacies along with stories from the producers, dinner ideas and step-by-step recipes.

All their Monthly Box – also available with the Gift Option – are dedicated to a specific region: in May it was Liguria’s turn to travel overseas and our Pesto Sauce is the protagonist for the main dish, while the Lemon Jam is part of the dessert of the Cinque Terre Box!

“Niasca is a project created in a beautiful place, close to where EatTiamo was born. We share the same love for our land and for its typical food. The use of the finest ingredients, the attention to Italian traditions and the engagement in restoring abandoned buildings and land are the reasons that led us to begin this fruitful collaboration with Niasca Portofino” – Nicholas Figoli, EatTiamo CEO&Founder says – “It’s a project based on the people and the land and this is totally in line with our philosophy. Moreover, our team definitely fell in love with their Pesto Sauce and the beautiful watercolor-like packaging… a real feast for the eyes… and the mouth!”


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